Rye Hill Golf Course

Landing Page

Rye Hill Golf Club is one of the largest, and best maintained, golf courses in Oxfordshire, but faces stiff competition from five other clubs in the surrounding area. A strong, targeted lead generation campaign was needed, aimed at those who’d previously played at Rye Hill, with a view to converting them to full, yearly membership.

Brief: Multimedia campaign. Using a big ‘carrot’ – a central offer – golf enthusiasts were to be lead from highly targeted Facebook adverts to a landing page, with content to entice them to sign-up (convert) for the offer. Five follow-up emails were to be sent, across three weeks, with the aim of converting those who hadn’t already.
Alongside this, radio advertising was to be used, getting people to call up and book a tee time for the same offer.

Solution: several strong headlines (‘hooks’) were created for the Facebook ads, coupled with evocative images, leading traffic towards the landing page.
The landing page content took an emotive angle about ‘too much time spent in front of screens’ (deliberately ironic), the beauty of the golf course itself (overlooking the Cotswolds), and the chance to spend a whole day playing golf with a mate.
For those who signed up to the offer, using the form on the landing page, they then received further emails reminding them to book a tee time and whetting their appetite for that whole day of golf.
The emails became increasingly more tongue-in-cheek, and this tone was carried through to a radio advertising campaign for which I wrote the scripts.

URL : http://www.ryehill.co.uk
Client : Rye Hill Golf Course
Project Type : Web content (Facebook ads, landing page, sales funnel), email marketing, radio scripts.
Sector : Sports
Tone : Warm, conversational, inviting